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y'all share where you're from


it can be as vague as a country, or as specific as a town! I just want us to bond and maybe even find some people to relate to!!! I'm from Ohio, and it has a lot of corn


Maryland US. Everything is crabs and Old Bay and I hate both


The Heart of New England: Rich Conservative DLC


oklahoma. just had to go hide in the tornado shelter yesterday.


I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. I’m specifying the city because Pitt, Philly and The Rest of PA are all completely different. In Pittsburgh we have a lot of eastern European influences and also sandwiches with french fries and coleslaw on them. Primanti’s is the superior PA sandwich and I will fight a Philadelphian over this (jk)


I'm from Puerto Rico, I live in a place where there's poor citizens. My mom would often go and give them clothes we don't need anymore and help around. And uh, there's beaches and fiesta, also delicious food. Like rice with chicken and beans, pasteles, and empanadillas. (idk if there's an english word for the last two lol)


I'm from Minnesota in the US! The town I live in isn't technically a town, its a village (population of about 500 i think?) and it's essentially just three thrift stores, two gas stations, and a church


Los angeles! Im in a small area where its mostly latino based and its nice!! lov the food and culture there :)


oklahoma as well 👌 gotta love them tornadoes


Grew up south of Atlanta, GA, but now I live in Chicago.


Maine, USA! Lobsters and lighthouses and fucktons of snow, oh my!